Vision & Mission


  • To impart higher education of international standard to meet the changing needs of society
  • To achieve the national and international acceptability for our innovation academic content
  • To provide opportunities for higher learning for better career opportunities
  • To make academic as well as professional education innovative and research oriented
  • To improve literacy in Haryana with a special focus on female education
  • To create competitive and cooperative environment to enable the students to excel in their endeavors while respecting diversities
  • To develop centers of excellence for developing cutting edge technology in all fields
  • To grooms and nurture students for leadership roles in all spheres of human activities
  • Improving quality of life with rational use of Medicines


  • To impart quality education for the youth to shape them into ideal citizens of india
  • To create facilities for quality research in all the applied sciences
  • To ensure women empowerment through education
  • To inculcate basic awareness about health and hygiene
  • To imbue the youth with well rounded personality having capability of analytical thinking and commitment to excel in their personal of professional endeavors so that they could grow to have the vision courage and dedication to operate successfully in a dynamic and technology driven environment
  • To inculcate in our students the lifelong learning attitude
  • To Innovate, Discover, Engage and Assist to improve health

Core Values

We are committed to the following core values:

Leadership: To lead community service.

Professionalism: Accountability, Ethics, Integrity, Ovation and Uniqueness,

Orientation: To Service

Community: To Care

Collaboration: To advance health education, research, and practice.

Innovation: To promote discovery.

Excellence: To strive for excellence

Admissions Open 2022 - 23