Course: B Pharmacy                 Semester: 1st / 1st Year


Name of the subject:       REMEDIAL BIOLOGY PRACTICAL


Subject Code:  BP112RBP

Units Topics (Experiments) Domain Hours
1 Introduction to experiments in biology

Study of Microscope

Section cutting techniques

Mounting and staining

Permanent slide preparation

Must know

Must know Must know

Nice to know Must know

2 Study of cell and its inclusions Must know 3
3 Study of Stem and its modifications Must know 3
4 Study of Root and its modifications Desirable 3
5 Study of Leaf and its modifications Must know 3
6 Detailed study of frog by using computer models Must know 3
7 Microscopic study and identification of tissues Must know 3
8 Identification of bones Must know 3
9 Determination of blood group Must know 3
10 Determination of blood pressure Must know 3
11 Determination of tidal volume Desirable 3