Syllabus | Physical Pharmaceutics-II (Practical) | B. Pharmacy

Course: B. Pharmacy IVth  Semester/ 2nd Year
Name of Subject: Physical Pharmaceutics-II (Practical)
Subject Code:  BP 407 P
Sr. No. Topic Domain Hours
1.       Determination of particle size by optical method. Desirable to know 4
2.       Determination of particle size by sieving method and efficiency of screening operation. Must to know 4
3.       Determination of particle size by sedimentation method using and Andreessen pipette. Must to know 4
4.       Determination of flow properties of powder through the tube as a function of length of tube, diameter of orifice of tube and pressure head. Desirable to know 4
5.       To determine the distribution coefficient of benzoic acid between water – benzene system. Must to know 4
6.       Experiments demonstrating the measurement of angle of repose of powders and the factors affecting.


Desirable to know 4
7.       Determination of interfacial tension between two immiscible liquids and to calculate spreading coefficient. Must to know 4
8.       Determination of CMC of a surfactant through interfacial tension measurement method. Must to know 4
9.       To study the effect of electrolyte on CMC of surfactant Must to know 4
10.   Determination of HLB of surfactant. Must to know 4
11.   Formulation and evaluation of emulsion Must to know 4
12.   Formulation and evaluation of suspension Must to know 4
13.   Study of effect of particle size on angle of repose and flow properties. Must to know 4
14.   Determination of relation between dielectric constant of solvent and solubility of drugs. Desirable to know 4
15.   To plot ternary phase diagram. Desirable to know 4
16.   Determination of partition coefficient and distribution of drug between two phases. Must to know 4
17.   Study of rheograms of some mucilages. Nice to know 4
18.   Study of effect of fines and lubricanton angle of repose and flow properties. Desirable to know 4
19.   Determination of bulk density, True density and Granular density of few pharmaceuticals and to calculate porosity of material. Must to know 4
20.   Determination of molecular weight of polymer by viscosity measurement method Desirable to know 4