Syllabus | Pharmacology III (Practical) | B. Pharmacy

Course: B. Pharmacy 6th Sem/ 3rd year
Name of Subject: Pharmacology III (Practical)
Subject Code:  BP608 P
S. No. Contents of the Topics             Domain Time(Hrs)
1. Dose calculation in pharmacological experiments Must Know 4
2. Antiallergic activity by mast cell stabilization assay            Must Know 4
3. Study of anti-ulcer activity of a drug using pylorus ligand (SHAY) rat model and NSAIDS induced ulcer model. Must Know 4
4. Study of effect of drugs on gastrointestinal motility Must Know 4
5. Effect of agonist and antagonists on guinea pig ileum Must Know 4
6. Estimation of serum biochemical parameters by using semi- autoanalyser Must Know 4
7. Effect of saline purgative on frog intestine Must Know 4
8. Insulin hypoglycemic effect in rabbit Must Know 4
9. Test for pyrogens ( rabbit method) Must Know 4
10. Determination of acute oral toxicity (LD50) of a drug from a given data Must Know 4
11. Determination of acute skin irritation / corrosion of a test substance Must Know 4
12. Determination of acute eye irritation / corrosion of a test substance Must Know 4
13. Calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters from a given data Must Know 4
14. Biostatistics methods in experimental pharmacology( student’s t test, ANOVA) Must Know 4
15. Biostatistics methods in experimental pharmacology (Chi square test, Wilcoxon Signed Rank test) Must Know 4