Syllabus | PHARMACOLOGY-II (Practical) | B. Pharmacy

Course: B. Pharmacy 5th Semester/ 3rd year
Name of Subject: PHARMACOLOGY-II (Practical)
Subject Code:  BP 507 P.
S. No. Contents of the Topics             Domain Time(Hrs)
1. Introduction to in-vitro pharmacology and physiological salt solutions. Must Know 4
2. Effect of drugs on isolated frog heart. Must Know 4
3. Effect of drugs on blood pressure and heart rate of dog. Must Know 4
4. Study of diuretic activity of drugs using rats/mice. Must Know 4
5. DRC of acetylcholine using frog rectus abdominis muscle. Must Know 4
6. Effect of physostigmine and atropine on DRC of acetylcholine using frog rectus abdominis muscle and rat ileum respectively. Must Know 4
7. Bioassay of histamine using guinea pig ileum by matching method. Must Know 4
8. Bioassay of oxytocin using rat uterine horn by interpolation method. Must Know 4
9. Bioassay of serotonin using rat fundus strip by three point bioassay. Must Know 4
10. Bioassay of acetylcholine using rat ileum/colon by four point bioassay. Must Know 4
11. Determination of PA2 value of prazosin using rat anococcygeus muscle (by Schilds plot method). Must Know 4
12. Determination of PD2 value using guinea pig ileum. Must Know 4
13. Effect of spasmogens and spasmolytics using rabbit jejunum. Must Know 4
14. Anti-inflammatory activity of drugs using carrageenan induced paw-edema model Must Know 4
15. Analgesic activity of drug using central and peripheral methods Must Know 4