Syllabus | Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-II (Practical) | B. Pharmacy

Course: B Pharmacy 3rd Year, 5th Semester
Name of the Subject: Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-II (Practical)
Subject Code: BP508P
S. No. Contents of the Topics             Domain Time(Hrs)
1 Morphology, histology and powder characteristics & extraction & detection of: Cinchona, Cinnamon, Senna, Clove, Ephedra, Fennel and Coriander Must Know 4
2 Exercise involving isolation & detection of active principles

Caffeine – from tea dust.

Diosgenin from Dioscorea

Atropine from Belladonna,

Sennosides from Senna



Must Know

3 Separation of sugars by Paper chromatography Must Know 4
4 TLC of herbal extract Must Know 4
5 Distillation of volatile oils and detection of phyto-constituents by TLC Must Know 4
6 Analysis of crude drugs by chemical tests: Asafoetida, Benzoin, Colophony, Aloes and Myrrh Must Know 4