Syllabus | Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-I (Practical) | B. Pharmacy

Course: B Pharmacy, 4th Semester 2nd Year
Name of the Subject: Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-I (Practical)
Subject Code: BP409P
Sr. No. Topic Domain Hours
1 Analysis of crude drugs by chemical tests: (i)Tragaccanth (ii) Acacia (iii)Agar (iv) Gelatin (v) starch (vi) Honey (vii) Castor oil


Must to know 4
2 Determination of stomatal number and index Desirable to know 4
3 Determination of vein islet number, vein islet termination and paliside ratio.


Desirable to know 4
4 Determination of size of starch grains, calcium oxalate crystals by eye piece micrometer


Must to know 4
5 Determination of Fiber length and width Must to know 4
6 Determination of number of starch grains by Lycopodium spore method Nice to know 4
7 Determination of Ash value Must to know 4
8 Determination of Extractive values of crude drugs Must to know 4
9 Determination of moisture content of crude drugs Must to know 4
10 Determination of swelling index and foaming Desirable to know 4


One month compulsory Internship after semester 3rd examinations and one month internship after semester 4th examinations

Minimum one elective from the following subjects (for project work only)

  1. Business English Certificate (BEC) Compulsory Elective
  2. Micromeritics
  3. Sterilization Methods
  4. Pharmaceutical Engineering
  5. Routes of administration
  6. QSAR
  7. Pathophysiology of Life style diorders