Syllabus | Pharmaceutical Engineering (Practical) | B. Pharmacy

Course: B. Pharmacy 3rd Semester/ 2nd Year
Name of Subject: Pharmaceutical Engineering (Practical)
Subject Code:  BP308 P
Sr. No. Topic Domain Time


1.       To perform separation analysis by using Andersean apparatus Must to know 4
2.       To Study the effect the increasing number of filter paper on filtration Must to know 4
3.       To study the Reynolds’s assembly. Desirable to know 4
4.       To optimize size reduction process of given powder. Must to know 4
5.       To find the effect of increasing concentration of calcium carbonate of 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% on filtration. Desirable to know 4
6.       To determine the coefficient of discharge, Velocity and concentration of various types of orifices apparatus. Desirable to know 4
7.       To Identify any two powders on the basis of physical characteristics. Must to know 4
8.       To study the impact of viscosity on rate of filtration using 15, 2%, 3% gum Acacia Nice to know 4
9.       To Determine the coefficient of discharge from venturimeter Desirable to know 4
10.   To demonstrate the Bernoulli’s theorem. Desirable to know 4
11.   Study of effect of pressure on the rate of evaporation. Nice to know 4
12.   Study of effect of viscosity on the rate of evaporation. Must to know 4
13.   Plotting of boiling point curve. Must to know 4
14.   Study of rate of drying of solid sample (amorphous and crystalline). Must to know 4
15.   Study of drying behavior of solid sample (amorphous and crystalline). Must to know 4
16.   Crystallization of sodium chloride or any given sample. Must to know 4