Syllabus | Name of Subject: Physical Pharmaceutics-I (Theory) | B. Pharmacy

Course: B. Pharmacy IIIrd  Semester/ 2nd Year

Name of Subject: Physical Pharmaceutics-I(Theory)

Subject Code:  BP 302 T

Sr. No.


Domain Time
1 Solubility of drugs: Solubility expressions, mechanisms of solute solvent interactions, ideal solubility parameters, solvation & association, quantitative approach to the factors influencing solubility of drugs, Dissolution & drug release, diffusion principles in biological systems. Solubility of gas in liquids, solubility of liquids in liquids, (Binary solutions, ideal solutions) Raoult’s law, real solutions, azeotropic mixtures, fractional distillation. Partially miscible liquids, Critical solution temperature and applications.

Distribution law, its limitations and applications

Must to know 10
2 States of Matter and properties of matter: State of matter, changes in the state of matter, latent heats, vapor pressure, sublimation critical point, eutectic mixtures, gases, aerosols

– inhalers, relative humidity, liquid complexes, liquid crystals, glassy states, solid-crystalline, amorphous & polymorphism.
Physicochemical properties of drug molecules: Refractive index, optical rotation, dielectric constant, dipole moment, dissociation constant, determinations and applications

Desirable to know


Must know

3 Micromeretics: Particle size and distribution, average particle size, number and weight distribution, particle number, methods for determining particle size by (different methods), counting and separation method, particle shape, specific surface, methods for determining surface area, permeability, adsorption, derived properties of powders, porosity, packing arrangement, densities, bulkiness & flow properties. Must to know 10
4 Complexation and protein binding: Introduction, Classification of Complexation, Applications, methods of analysis, protein binding, Complexation and drug action, crystalline structures of complexes and thermodynamic treatment of stability constants Desirable to know 08
5 pH,  buffers  and  Isotonic  solutions:  Sorensen’s  pH  scale,  pH  determination

(electrometric and calorimetric), applications of buffers, buffer equation, buffer capacity, buffers in pharmaceutical and biological systems, buffered isotonic solutions.

Must to know 07