Syllabus | HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY -I(Practical) | B. Pharmacy


Name of Subject: HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY -I(Practical)


Subject Code:  BP 107P

Units Topics (Experiments) Domain Hours
1 Study of compound microscope. Must know 4
2 Microscopic study of epithelial and connective tissue Must know 4
3 Microscopic study of muscular and nervous tissue Must know 4
4 Identification of axial bones Must know 4
5 Identification of appendicular bones Must know 4
6 To study the integumentary and special senses using specimen, models, etc., Must know 4
7 To study the nervous system using specimen, models, etc., Must know 4
8 To study the endocrine system using specimen, models, etc Must know 4
9 To demonstrate the general neurological examination Must know 4
10 To demonstrate the function of olfactory nerve Must know 4
11 To examine the different types of taste. Must know 4
12 To demonstrate the visual acuity Must know 4
13 To demonstrate the reflex activity Must know 4
14 Recording of body temperature Must know 4
15 To demonstrate positive and negative feedback mechanism. Nice to know 4