Syllabus | HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY-II (Practical) | B. Pharmacy


Course: B. Pharmacy 2nd  Semester/ 1st Year


Name of Subject: HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY-II (Practical)


Subject Code:  BP 207 P

Units Topics (Experiments) Domain Hours
1 Introduction to hemocytometry. Must know 4
2 Enumeration of white blood cell (WBC) count Must know 4
3 Enumeration of total red blood corpuscles (RBC) count Must know 4
4 Determination of bleeding time Must know 4
5 Determination of clotting time Must know 4
6 Estimation of hemoglobin content Must know 4
7 Determination of blood group. Must know 4
8 Determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). Must know 4
9 Determination of heart rate and pulse rate. Must know 4
10 Recording of blood pressure. Must know 4
11 Determination of tidal volume and vital capacity Must know 4
12 Study of digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular systems, urinary and reproductive systems with the help of models, charts and specimens. Must know 4
13 Recording of basal mass index. Must know 4
14 Study of family planning devices and pregnancy diagnosis test Must know 4
15 Demonstration of total blood count by cell analyser Must know 4