Course: B Pharmacy                 Semester: 6th  /3rd Year
  Name of the subject:  HERBAL DRUG TECHNOLOGY                                     (PRACTICAL)
  Subject Code:  BP609P
unit Topic (Contents)             Domain Time (Hrs)
1 To perform preliminary phytochemical screening of crude drugs. Must Know 4
2 Determination of Ash value            Must Know 4
3 Determination of moisture content of crude drugs Must Know 4
4 Determination of Extractive values of crude drugs Must Know 4
5 Determination of the alcohol content of Asava and Arista Must Know 4
6 Preparation of herbal cosmetics Must Know 4
7 Preparation and standardization of herbal formulation Must Know 4
8 Determination of swelling index and foaming index
Must Know 4
9 Monograph analysis of herbal drugs from recent Pharmacopoeias Must Know 4
10 Analysis of fixed oils Must Know 4

One month compulsory Internship after semester 5th examinations and one month internship after semester 6th examinations

Minimum one elective from the following subjects (for project work only)

  1. Business English Certificate (BEC) Compulsory Elective
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Herbal standardization
  4. Biopharmaceutical parameters in Renal failure / Hepatic failure
  6. GMP /GLP
  7. Mechanism of Action of CVS drugs / Antibiotics