Course: B. Pharmacy 6th Semester/ 3rd Year
Subject Code:   BP604 T
S. No. Contents of the Topics             Domain Time(Hrs)
1. Introduction to Biopharmaceutics

Absorption; Mechanisms of drug absorption through GIT, factors influencing drug absorption though GIT, absorption of drug from Non per oral extra-vascular routes, Distribution of drugs Tissue permeability of drugs, binding of drugs, apparent, volume of drug distribution, protein binding of drugs, factors affecting protein-drug binding. Kinetics of protein binding, Clinical significance of protein binding of drugs

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2. Drug Elimination renal excretion of drugs, factors affecting renal excretion of drugs, renal clearance, Non renal routes of drug excretion of drugs

Bioavailability and Bioequivalence: Objectives of bioavailability studies, absolute and relative bioavailability, measurement of bioavailability, in-vitro drug dissolution models, in-vitro, in-vivo correlations, bioequivalence studies, methods to enhance the bioavailability.

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3. Hours Pharmacokinetics: Introduction to Pharmacokinetics models, Compartment models, Non compartment models, physiological models, One compartment open model. a. Intravenous Injection (Bolus) b. Intravenous infusion, extra vascular administrations, calculations of Ka, KE. From plasma and urinary excretion data
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4. Multicompartment models: Two compartment open model. IV bolus

Multiple – Dosage Regimens:

a). Repititive Intravenous injections – One Compartment Open Model

b). Repititive Extravascular dosing – One Compartment Open model

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5. Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics: a. Introduction, b. Factors causing Non-linearity.

c. Michaelis-menton method of estimating parameters, Biotransformation of drugs

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