Research -Principal Investigators (Faculty)

Sr. No Name of the project Name Concerned


1 Design and characterization of transdermal patches of stem cells for the treatment of obstetric fistula Dr Vandana Chaudhary SGTCP /Department

of Ayush / ICMR

2 Formulation strategies to improve oral bioavailability of anti cancer herbal drugs Dr Meenu Mehta


3 Antidiabetic activity evaluation of some selected herbal drugs Ms Manisha Vats


4 Evaluation of anti Alzheimer potential of metocloperamide in stressed and unstressed mice Ms Sushma Maratha SGTCP /CPCSEA approved project, ICMR
5 Formulation and characterization of multiparticulate resevoir matrix for combination therapy Mr. Manish Yadav SGT College of Pharmacy
6 Synthesis and biological evaluation of heterocyclic compounds using QSAR approach Dr Neelam Vashist SGT College of Pharmacy
7 Preparation and characterization of Nanoparticles Prof. S K Sharma SGT College of Pharmacy
Admissions Open 2019-20