Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in Pharmacy)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in Pharmacy) at SGT University, one of the best Pharmacy universities in Delhi, empowers scholars with advanced pharmaceutical expertise. Key features of this course include:

  • Specialized research in areas including drug delivery systems and pharmacotherapy.
  • Access to cutting-edge facilities and resources.
  • Mentorship from renowned researchers in the field.
  • Publication opportunities in top-tier journals.
  • Collaboration with pharmaceutical industries for practical insights.

SGT University, one of the best private universities in Delhi NCR, fosters an enriching research environment for aspiring pharmaceutical scholars.

Annual Intake


03 Years

Programme Fee

1st  Sem – INR 1,62,500
2nd Sem Onwards – INR 1,50,000



Master of Pharmacy with 55% marks


Scheme of examinations