Facilities & infrastructure


Knowledge Resource centre

  • Separate Library  for pharmacy
  • Elegantly and professionally designed
  • Well stocked with 456 numbers of books and 1998 volumes
  • Subscribes various search engine PROQUEST, DELNET e-journals, accessible free of cost to the teachers and students
  • Total seating capacity for 100 readers
  • Provides air-conditioned reading environment
  • Library equipped with 05 PCs, Linked to Campus network.
  • Has a collection of 22 CDs
  • Library operates from 9.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. and reading section 24 hrs
  • Over 200 users consult the library daily



  • Elegantly designed Auditorium
  • Has seating capacity of over 400
  • Equipped with modern gadgetry

Use of ICT Tools in classrooms