Curriculum | Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II– Practical | B. Pharmacy

B. Pharmacy Semester-3rd / 2nd year
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II– Practical

Unit Topic Learning objectives Teaching Guidelines Methodology

Time (hrs/week)

1 I         Experiments involving laboratory techniques Recrystallization
Steam distillation


Elucidate the principle of Recrystallization & Steam distillation.

Explain the precautions taken by student while doing the practical in the laboratory.

Demonstrate the simple laboratory techniques.

-Separation techniques
-Type of Recrystallization
-simple crystallization
-fractional  crystallization
-simple distillation
– determination of boiling point
-solubility of the compounds
Ex-Lemon Grass Oil, Eucalyptus Oil
Hands on practical session

4 hrs

2 Determination of following oil values (including standardization of reagents)
•      Acid value
•        Saponification value
•      Iodine value
Illuminate the significance of determination of Acid value, Saponification value, Iodine value.

Acquainted with various materials, instruments, glassware’s and equipments required for understanding the practical.

-definition of saponication value, iodine value, acid value
– principal and experiment
-estimation techniques
– uses
Hands on practical session

4 hrs

3 Preparation of compounds

Benzanilide/Phenyl benzoate/Acetanilide from Aniline/ Phenol /Aniline by acylation reaction.
2,4,6-Tribromo aniline/Para bromo acetanilide from Aniline/

Acetanilide by halogenation (Bromination) reaction.

5-Nitro salicylic acid/Meta di nitro benzene from Salicylic acid / Nitro benzene by nitration reaction.

Benzoic acid from Benzyl chloride by oxidation reaction.

Benzoic acid/ Salicylic acid from alkyl benzoate/ alkyl salicylate by hydrolysis reaction.

1-Phenyl azo-2-napthol from Aniline by diazotization and coupling reactions.

Benzil from Benzoin by oxidation reaction.

Dibenzal acetone from Benzaldehyde by Claison Schmidt reaction

Cinnammic acid from Benzaldehyde by Perkin reaction

P-Iodo benzoic acid from P-amino benzoic acid

Describe method of synthesis of  organic compound & derivatives.

handle all chemicals carefully.

-functional group identification and its derivative
– procedure
-chemical nature of the compound
– Structure
-chemical name and handling
-result  evaluation
– calculation
-percentage yield
-Melting point determination


Hands on practical session

4 hrs