Current Teaching Methodologies

Current teaching methodologies adopted by faculty of SGTCP


  1. Student’s Interactive Session (Sis)
  2. Student’s Seminar (Ss)
  3. Teacher’s Seminar (Multispecialty)
  4. Project Based Learning (PBL)
  5. Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  6. Case Studies
  7. Integrated Teaching
  8. Intra –faculty (Within one faculty)
  9. Intra –faculty (More than one faculty)
  10. Focus Group Discussion
  11. Spot Group Discussion
  12. Presentation Cum Panel Discussion (BY Teachers)
  13. Presentation Cum Panel Discussion (BY Students)
  14. Fish Bowel Technique
  15. Role Play
  16. Simulation Technique
  17. Tutorials


  1. Objective Type Question (VIVA-VOCE)
  2. Objective Structured Practical Examination
  3. Major & Minor Experiments
  4. Compilations Of Dosage Forms & Formulations
  5. Simulated Software For Demonstrating Experiments On Animals
  6. Industry Visits
  7. Compulsory Summer & Winter Internship
  8. Experts From Industries, Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), Universities, And Corporate Are Invited For Extension Lectures