Agenda : Evaluation of e-pharmacies

Agenda : Evaluation of e-pharmacies


Pharmacy Reforms 2.0


Agenda : Evaluation of e-pharmacies – a short term means to the ultimate goal

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday (28th October , 2017)

Place : Meeting room SGT College of Pharmacy

Strength (Student participated) :

Points discussed

  • All the participants agree with the fact that e-pharmacies are very effective for patient convenience . But some people misuse these type of practices just like they can place order at various different online sites for the prescribed controlled drugs ; which may lead to increasing of drug abusing
  • No doubt this practice is non objectionable for OTC Drugs and Food supplements
  • It will provide a better opportunity to increase the worth of pharmaceutical market in India
  • Although e-pharmacies provide medicaments at door but there is lack of face to face patient conselling and community services which are the basic priorities of a pharmacist
  • Due to Lack of regulatory laws sometimes it is seen that some online services will serve adultrated medicaments that is illegal practices

Possible solutions

There should be strict regulatory rules regarding e-pharmacies and their owners like ;

  • It’s a compulsion to take a license for running of any e-pharmacy site from PCI
  • All the scanned copies of prescription sent by consumer should be properly visualized by a registered pharmacist
  • All the basic storage conditions should be available at the site of stores of e-pharmacies
  • Drug Inspector is allowed to visit any store of any e-pharmacy site whenever he is willing for that
  • A record should be maintained by e-pharmacy owner for all type of controlled medicines
  • All the e-pharmacies have to be provide special services for patient counseling and it must be conducted by registered pharmacist
  • There should be a regulatory law for penalties and offences in case of supply of misbranded and adulterated drugs
  • The person who deliver drug to patient have to apply stamp on original prescription copy as marked “DELIVERED” With the number of days for which medicines are supplied