About Us

SGT College of Pharmacy

SGT College of Pharmacy  was established to serve the needs of the students of the Delhi NCR, the nation and the global community.  As part of a research-intensive university , SGT College of Pharmacy has a three-part mission of Education, Research and Service to Community.

SGT College of Pharmacy offers students an innovative and flexible curriculum leading to the Pharmacy degree, taught by well trained  & experienced  faculty in a program closely associated with faculty of Medicine SGT University as well as the university’s outstanding clinical, research and academic programs.

A Unique Program

Students at the SGT College of Pharmacy are an integral part of the rich academic and research environment on the SGT University campus. Illustrating the interdisciplinary culture of the top-ranked university, pharmacy students have developed a foundation in the pharmacy practice and share volunteer community clinical experiences.

The programs at the SGT College of Pharmacy provide a broad-based  curriculum with strong basic science, a diversity of clinical experiences and the opportunity for independent study in a variety of research and clinical settings. The UG curriculum also includes basic science and professional practice classes on a health sciences campus with premier educational programs in pharm. chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics.

The Institute offers opportunities for internships, taking advantage of its collaborative programs with industry. Post-degree research internships are encouraged and supported at the SGT College of Pharmacy.

Admissions Open 2022 - 23