Industrial visit to Panacea Biotech

Industrial visit to Panacea Biotech

SGT College of Pharmacy, SGT University organized a one-day industrial tour for M Pharmacy Scholars to An industrial visit to ‘Panacea Biotech’ on Thurday, February 23rd 2023.

Panacea Biotec is an Innovation driven Biotechnology company doing Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution and Marketing of Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines.

Panacea Biotec is one of the largest Vaccine Manufacturing Company in India and is well acknowledged by the United Nations (UN) Health Agencies in partnering the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) with supplies of billions of doses of WHO Pre-qualified Polio vaccines in more than 50 countries worldwide as a sequel to the completion of full range of Oral polio vaccines (tOPV, mOPV1, mOPV3 & bOPV (Type1&Type3).

Panacea Biotec is the first company to have developed fully liquid Pentavalent vaccine (DTwP-Hep B+Hib) EasyFive in 2005. EasyFive is a WHO Prequalified vaccine being used in more than 75 countries worldwide as on March 2022.

Panacea Biotec is the first company to have developed World’s first fully-liquid wP-IPV based Hexavalent vaccine (DTwP+HepB+Hib+IPV) EasySix. EasySix was launched in 2017 and millions of doses are produced and supplied in Indian private market.

The other vaccines in portfolio consists of Enivac-HB (Hepatitis B vaccine Paed. & Adult), Ecovac-4 (DTwP+Hep B), Easyfour (DTwP+Hib), EasyFourPol (DTwP-Hib-IPV). Vaccines in development include – recombinanant chimeric Dengue tetravalent, Pneumococcal Conjugate and several others. A strong innovative vaccine pipeline is on the anvil which would pave the way for a consistent introduction of Next Generation Vaccines in future.

Students were exposed to various facilities and processes related to Vaccine Manufacturing; fermentation, purification and formulation of the vaccine products. They learned the various analytical techniques of evaluation and were exposed the sophisticad instruments like SDS Page, Ion exchange chromatographs, Industrial scale Bio fermenters, Centrifuges etc.

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